Tuesday, January 21, 2014

where.to.honeymoon? cold vs warm weather destinations...

hello, all!

we hope everyone is getting their new year off to a great start. here at c.t.d we've been doing a bit of traveling and working hard with our new 2014 brides and clients. all this traveling has inspired us to post a series on honeymoon destinations. specifically; cool weather vs. warm weather.

we recently just returned from a cool, but lovely holiday in Paris, France. I'm not sure that there is a  better way to celebrate your newly minted marriage than traipsing around the city of light together. but, this still leaves us with the question- would you rather be chilled and cozying up in Paris, or tan and warm on a beach?

send us your feedback and comment on your ideal honeymoon destination below!

hermes & sara

eiffel tower

hotel de ville ice skating

Musee d'Orsay  

c.t.d paris office :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

next level photo-booth f.u.n!

some of you might already know this about connect.the.dots events, but we LOVE a good party! and of course, there are many important elements that will make your event grand. one being, a fun, custom photo-booth. yes, these are very popular at events these days, but we've been doing them for years! so today, we want to share some tips & tricks that work for us...

1. work with your theme! do you have a nautical theme? ok, well let's use some oars and captain hats as props. 
2. include pre-made signage or a chalkboard so your guests can share a personal message. you'll look back on it and laugh at their creativity!
3. make your booth custom by creating your own back drop. you can choose your own design and theme and run with it. here are some tips from HGTV
4. turn it into a competition! the couple or group with the most hysterical and creative posing could win a prize or just the award of being the best photo-boother's out there at the end of the night. 

here are some shots of photo-booths we've created over the years. enjoy!